When women become pregnant, there are lots of changes happens in their body and face and they are easily noticeable sometimes.

Swollen hands, feet, growing belly and enlarge breasts for feeding milk are some of the noticeable physical changes which a pregnant woman might expect through her trimesters.

In the rare cases, some of the ladies are getting a few unnecessary changes to their face and they thinking about how to get rid of it.

Noticeable changes on face during the pregnancy:

Due to the hormonal changes and increased blood flow, you will get a lot of face changes during pregnancy and they include,

  • Swollen nose – Due to the increased circulation of blood, the pregnant women will get the swollen nose.
  • Brown patches or melasma – You can find the development of the brown patches or tan patches on your face because of the melasma hormone induced condition when you are pregnant.
  • Puffy eyes – Even though you take adequate sleep and rest, you will always have puffy eyes during the pregnancy.
  • face of the pregnant womenSwelling of face – Swelling of the feet and hand are quite normal for the pregnant women. But swelling on the face will be a rare case in some of the ladies.
  • Eyebrow and eyelash loss – The pregnant ladies can get the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes when you don’t take enough amount of protein content in your diet, or due to the thyroid malfunction or the vitamin deficiency.
  • Skin redness – The pregnancy can change your face and you will get weighted so your blood pressure will also automatically increase. Thus, it will make some effects on your skin tone to get this redness.
  • Broken capillaries – It is also due to the common hormonal changes in the pregnant women.
  • Acne – The women’s face breaking out during her early pregnancy period but it is uncommon among all ladies. With the excessive oil production on the face, you will get the skin pores like acne.
  • Glow on face – Hormonal changes during pregnancy make your facial skin oily so your glow will also be improved.
  • Sensitive skin – Once you have got pregnant, your facial skin will become really sensitive and it turns red or you will get extreme dryness.
  • Calcium deposits – In some of the pregnant ladies, it is noticeable that the calcium deposits under the eye.

When you have found all or some of these symptoms on the face of the pregnant women, it is very easy to tell if a woman is pregnant by looking at her face. Besides these symptoms and signs, most of the pregnant women are also getting the facial hair especially on your ears, forehead, and also chin.

This is mainly due to the pregnancy induced testosterone. Moles and freckles are also very common signs in the pregnant ladies because of the increased levels of estrogen and progesterone melanin cells in your skin for building more pigments.