Boys would always like to have a multiple of girl friends. They feel proud as well as they really don’t feel for anything. But in case when you came to know that he has a girlfriend but texts me every day there you don’t want to worry for that. Even he may like texting because he would feel that his girl friend has granted him.

People often fall into all the predicaments when they are falling in relationship. When this all happens you can able to know that no longer trying to maintain the relationship fresh. In that typical case when they felt they are really not worthy the person would start for trying something outside the relationship.

But actually texting others while in a relationship is not a wrong one because even you know that he is texting another girl while in a relationship after that only you are developing your conversations.

You started to continue texting only after you got impressed on him

Usually you would not have idea to texting everyone as friendly and openly as like you text the one. You will talk to him openly and please him even you would be ready to do anything for him. This shows your curiosity level of impressing him so there not only it is his mistake in that place even you are committing mistake.

To stay in safer side you can know this

Even after when you are ready to text with a guy after knowing that he has a girl friend in his life already there it is required for you to examine few things that are listed below.

  • You should try to know their relationship status.
  • Know about whether they are still in good relationship.
  • If any misunderstanding happens between them there is a need for you to know the mistake is from whose side.
  • You should know whether he is searching for some new girlfriend to replace his old girlfriend.
  • It is also required for you to make a note about whether he is really interested with you, if not just chatting with you for time pass.
  • Know the space that he had given for you in his life.
  • Examine whether his messages are true from his heart or he just message you for knowing about you more.

When you don’t have any other problem in texting with you then you can continue. If in case when you came to know that he is using you and playing with your feelings then there it is better for you to stay ahead from his life to protect you as well as to avoid the worries in future.

It is because, “Only the true relationship can guide you and do anything for you”, when you are struck up into the false world of happiness at one end when your happiness vanished your heart would really long for getting those happiness it would be really hurting you.