Many women worldwide suffer due to men who text them unnecessarily for many times. They think about why he is still texting me if he’s not interested in a relationship with them. They try to better understand men and enhance their way to be aware of why he likes to text them. They feel the pain of excessive texting and communication only through the mobile gadgets without going on dates. They understand that such feelings deepen and grow as weeks turn into months. They like to stay in touch with a man who is interested to listen to their words and share bits of their funny events, cure pictures, day and other things.

The reason of the above issue may hide in deep desires of a man. If a guy watches unusual adult films, like free black porn, his sexual feelings become more active, and he is trying to get through these feelings, and searching for the person who will help with his desires

sends text messages

Take note of suggestions

You may get romantic, thoughtful, sweet or funny texts from your man on a regular basis. You have to focus on and make certain his interests to meet you and spend time with you. Your man has to carve time out for the date. I’ve a boyfriend who sends me text messages and seeks my responses in terms of texts. I sometimes think that why he is texting me if he doesn’t like me and spend time with me. I hate this fantasy interaction with him. Though there is a connection in the form of text message, there is no love.

Every woman cannot be in love with any man they never see. They do not know about him. They know his texting persona and his virtual presence by phone conversations and video chats.  They think themselves about how to make a better-informed decision about continuing the relationship with the guy keeps texting me, but he doesn’t he like me. They seek the loving and genuine relationship. They wish to spend time together. They make certain that video calls, social media, phone and texting are supplements for time in person. They can focus on the following details and get an overview about the main reasons why a man is still texting a woman when he is not interested in a relationship with her.

  • He is lonely
  • He is bored
  • He craves attention
  • He needs an ego boost
  • He enjoys it


Make an informed decision

Many men who get lonely nowadays like to text with someone and feel less alone. They do not wish any relationship with the woman whom they chat. They continue to text when they get bored and think about how to enjoy the leisure by texting. They may be socially awkward and have lots of time on their hand.

If a profession does not occupy the complete attention of a man, then a man is texting a woman with an aim to spice things up.

Some men wish to crave attention from a compassionate and an attractive woman.  They send text messages to such woman and let someone to know about they have a girlfriend who pays attention to their words. They require an ego boost and text with several women all through the day. They may reveal what seems like personal details about their life to draw a woman in close.